Bearing gifts, JERRY #4 arrives. For the first time, we feature poetry, prose, essays, and art. The writers and artists assembled here represent styles and ideas JERRY thinks can open up our eyes to new ways of seeing and thinking.

The issue arrives as a gift during a giving time of year. We hope you find as much in the incredible imagery of Sean Patrick Hill, the wit and insight of Elizabeth Whittlesey and the sheer brilliance in Dawn Marie Knopf’s exciting poetry. Joshua Thomson’s images are part of a larger, complex web of concept, performance and posterity. Try to sing along. Edward Helfers discusses the heritage modernist architecture has bequeathed many American cities and how one, St. Louis, has managed to strive beyond it. Ann de Witt fragments and weaves, breaks up and gets back together again, forming a haunting story. And Laurie Ann Doyle captures a child, a church and insecurity in exacting prose. Both stories feature young women who do not know how to read a thing and are left in wonder.

JERRY has got an exciting group of writers and content different from anything we’ve published before. It’s been an exciting autumn--here’s to the newest of new years.

—The Editors


Dawn Marie Knopf


Elizabeth Whittlesey

The Highway Is Beautiful

Sean Patrick Hill

Point Cloud


Annie DeWitt

We Did Not Toil

Laurie Ann Doyle

Just This Once


Edward Helfers

Deader Than Downtown

Joshua Thomson

Crickets Frogs
Horse and Cart
Music of the Spheres