Candice Wuehle


The Fantasmatic Projection

Love’s crime impacted the stabled
Population’s plans for masking
Tape, gauze, electronic records. Even
Animals who ranged most wild
Learned to nurture their farewells.
Scavengers began to feed others first, thus
Outmoded dictions were addressed. 
Hunt ➔ banquet. 
Prey ➔ acquaintance.
[I was a woman who wondered why
We did not murder the old words.] 
I could chant about the amount of language
Taken to resurrect & write, but
                you know.

Expect an animal, a megafaun, too easy with the exclamative marker. 
Expect an instant, a megafauna, that holds the non-space, doesn’t need
Your sexy carcass.  

Criminal, the supermarket observation screen freezes you
Hoarding hothouse African roses, lavender nail lacquer, chocolate, rubbers, arrows, gin.
Criminal, stay stafe.
Criminal, I see you load yourself and I think on the image of the soldier,
Gun strapped to his operating hand –
Wound thrice  
With a critically misused bandage. 

Criminal, it was a moment of puncture made me

Make marks on the page. I named this crime Out-of-the-Law and so now
I see the citizenry in merciless faith imagine
I will know enough unclassifiable joy
After enough