Note to Note

6 excellent, very different poets + 3 great fiction writers = 1 JERRY #2.

We're very excited to announce that Kera Yonker, of the 2nd Draft Reading Series (, has joined JERRY's ranks as our Fiction Editor.  Also, we are now open to submissions (go to our Submissions section for details).

Here's a few things we'd like to say about the wonderful material we've got in Issue 2:  Gregory Pardlo takes us into childhood and adolescence with his always thoughtful and perfectly crafted lines.  Sasha Fletcher proclaims the prophetic, proffers the stirring and hints at the playful. Laura Goode builds haunting sculptures of poem in image, language and lineation. The mythical and physical poems of L. S. Klatt either build or unravel before our eyes. Eleanor Boudreau offsets lyricism with a matter-of-fact strangeness in her beautiful and funny work. And we love how Michelle Taransky employs the simplest language to reorient our readership into her intimacy.  Caren Beilin's short shorts create a portrait of a life you may not want to lead. We love the confluence of employee/employer flirtation and buying fine art—hanging a painting and the fantasy of a perfect romance on the same wall—in M. M. De Voe's piece. And the strange, sad and enraging congregate in Ann K. Ryles's story of a planned conversation, the kind that's always perfectly scripted.

For Issue #3 (Spring/Summer 2011) we can only promise another round up of excellent, different voices in our standing catalogue of people you ought to read.  JERRY knows.