Michelle Taransky

No, I Will Be in the Woods

Carving a term

Onto the already cracking
Tree with the right

To make it look the same

As the door
Frame between our house

And not our house where
The bodgers are meant

To pass through what other reason

Would there be to build
It?  Address it

As if there is no other

Way to find
The need in the felled

Here to defend every failed detective
Story you invented


When observing an embrace in the woods there


there there              there are people               we can choose                            not to trust    the view             

the error theory and the data proving                            worry woods                    what went wrong and how

the last days                             findings are needed                            mornings when work does not come

I cannot think of what woodsmen                           

thought about the faller                   posing with an axe                  

but measure                           figures

the site it is trying               to make you think this                    here the least probable     conclusion is

conclusion              then conclusion     knowing not this                 mistake        that the windows wait

name the wall the want               when gated off to know to not              name it at all not want

to name it               you should know you are able to               use operational definitions             

to be there calling               to passage for passage                            a family is not a               falling a a not

owed an owned land              who owes the errors who used              to cover and grow the             

broken because               because the guard lost                            the will to last              

and without it not                            much else