Welcome to JERRY #10. In all our ten issues, we’ve never devoted one solely to fiction. And not just any fiction — the understated, muscular fiction of Western Massachusetts. Perhaps it seems too specific a geographic location, but good writers clump together and find each other; turns out, many are drawn to the low-key wild in that part of the state. In these stories, Rachel B. Glaser, Christy Crutchfield, Mel Bosworth and Mark Leidner chronicle the odd calculus people make when confronted with feelings, the people who inspire those feelings and the interpersonal interactions in which we are drawn to take part.


Mel Bosworth

The Scenic Vista

Wham O

On the Second Floor

Lost & Found

Christy Crutchfield

Snow Day

Rachel B. Glaser

Old Loves

Mark Leidner

K – 4


No Ordinary Assassin: Killstanbul by Matthew Di Paoli  — Reviewed by Andrew Mondry