Rachel B. Glaser

Old Loves

I was lying in bed with all my old loves. The bed took up much of the room. It had white sheets and covers like at a hotel. Anthony began talking. “Your fantasy is so ridiculous. Spare me. I have things to do.”

The other boys lay motionless like mannequins. The fantasy had had the foresight to give Anthony a pimple on his chin. I said, “You think this is just the annoying preamble to my lame sex fantasy?”


Marc stirred in his sleep, saw the others and went back to sleep. “So like Marc!” I exclaimed. “Thinks he can just sleep through all the parts he doesn’t like.”

Anthony was at the door, playing with the handle. “Just wanted to make sure this opened,” he said. “Could be a revenge fantasy.”

I looked at the sleeping lovers. I hadn’t seen Lucas in ages!  He looked okay.

Anthony glanced over from his spot by the door. “This is definitely some kind of dream,” he said, “because my phone has a blank screen.”

“Maybe the battery died.”
“No, the battery is fine, it was charged before. It’s just because it’s your dream. If this were my dream we wouldn’t be bickering like this. I wouldn’t be stranded in a room with every dullard you’ve ever laid eyes on.”

“Well if I was thinking of having sex with you before, I’m not now.”

“Suits me. I’ll just watch you have sex with the others.”

The others lay in bed, each head on a pillow. I shook the first one I’d ever kissed.

He did not stir. “You’ve put some curse on them!” I yelled.

Anthony laughed hard into his hand. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he said, taking apart his phone.