Jeff Alessandrelli

Thinking About the Beginning of Winter at the End of Summer

Melissa Barrett

Boy Eating Ice

Yes Is the Only Living Thing

The Patriot

Olivia Cook

You Live in Fear

Enter through the stairs

Eileen G'Sell

Impervious to Avalanche


Megan Kaminski & Bonnie Roy

Three Poems from Coda

Sarah Trudgeon

Lives of the Poets

Squirrel Without Unicorns


Collaboration Investigation

A Statement by Megan Kaminski & Bonnie Roy


Cultural and the Intercultural: Digest by Gregory Pardlo

Reviewed by The Editors

Hard Looking: To Keep Time by Joseph Massey

Reviewed by Andrew Field

How We Talk About What We Talk About When We Talk About Poetry: In Defense of Nothing by Peter Gizzi

Reviewed by Emily Wolahan