Megan Kaminski & Bonnie Roy

from Coda

iris rising    spring
sprawl and awl
creased codas
    cringed care for
fingerling springing
iris bearding light
shearing    laced
window sit and
read through    novel
seeps through
    dot the darlings
don’t undone things
    stings the spring
brings   crackling    iris
drying     umbered ivored
cindered cidered


    and each hour
   trained and tresseled
threaded through forest
trees nodding treeward
wind from wet
the fire
the east
the spilling securities
munis and mortage-backed
seedling shedding skin
dirt pressed back
        back down
streets shining exhaling:
  my window
  my widow
  my tightening throat

my poppy red my
out of bed     first flight
after ferry’s fog gong
    radio song’s gone    
static and Dow’s down
Brown’s up tick tock
debt clock    
     worn blurs
of the brake lights
hum white
then the black keys
    he lands where the
wheels touch     to
be some tree such sleep
awaits will we
    why don’t we    
when the news stops
traffic to the toll bridge
this suspension looks
redwood sized
and true