The latest issue of JERRY is devoted to our eclectic taste in poetry and thought. We've chosen only poetry and essay for this issue, featuring some of our favorite voices. Emily Hunt's series "Company" is a moment of seeing the world, both exterior and interior, from the vantage point of a flower delivery van. Claire Marie Stancek's poems are from her forthcoming collection MOUTHS and flirt with obsession, linguistic history, and the physical, with diction that is sensuously rigorous. If you haven't read Robert Whitehead's gorgeous poetry yet, this suite gives a sense of his precision and wealth of beauty. Candice Wuehle's accusatory hope makes for an alluring ars poetica. Two collaborations, between Lytton Smith & Adam Davis and Christopher Citro & Dustin Nightingale, with accompanying reflections on the process, embrace the randomness and conversation of collaboration with very different results. Finally, Joseph Spece sat in the Musée de l'Orangerie and had some thoughts on Monet and what poets can learn from him (both Monet and Spece). The result is a compelling, provocative essay. We hope you enjoy this collection and share it with your friends.

Widen your readership; widen that of others. It remains our best defense against darkness. 



At the Orangerie